The Wide Variety of Wild Card Video Slot Games

Wild card video poker games are some of the most difficult types of casino games to master because there is such a large body of knowledge to have a handle on since there are so many different types of situations that can come up that are difficult to summarized in terms of how to play. Moreover, there are several different types of wild card games, and it’s very difficult to compare some of them to each other because of how vastly different they can be. Here we’re going to show you how wide the variety of these games can go.

Start with Joker Poker. This is played with a 53-card deck, and there is only one wild card which is a joker. In this game, just 1.9 percent of the cards are wild, and it actually has a lot more in common with non-wild card games than it does most of the wild card games because you can get paid for single pair hands (kings or better) while the vast majority of hands will not include a wild card. This is at the end of the spectrum that has the fewest wild cards.

On the other hand, consider Deuces and Joker Wild. This game is played with 53 cards as well, but a whooping five of them are wild. This means that a whooping 9.4 percent of the cards are wild, and that’s a huge level of wild density. In fact, only about 60 percent of your starting hands are going to lack a wild card, and that an enormous 40 percent will have at least one wild. This has a tremendous impact on the range of situations you’re going to have to learn to play in this game when compared to Joker Poker.

If you think you can get away with ignoring the deeper strategies of playing the wild card draws, then you’re going to be mistaken when you play a game with a high density of wilds. That’s something that’s really important in this game and others with a high density of wild cards. There are almost as many wild card spots as there are non-wild situations, so it’s a pretty big deal that you are well-rounded. For most players, this is going to mean studying the wild scenarios a lot because the non-wild situations are something that most players will already have a feel for.

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