Gambling Resources

This section provides a listing of resources related to gambling. Some of the links to resources found here on this page may be to related to offline, online gambling or both.

Problem Gambling Resources

The below listing of sites represents those that specifically cater to Australian citizens and residence who are looking to get help with a gambling problem. If you think you or a loved one may have or may be developing a gambling problem the information found on these sites can be helpful.

  • – This non-profit organization offers great information for Australian gambling addicts looking to get help with a gambling problem. Here you’ll find ways to get in touch with people who can counsel, or even just join in on existing discussions being had directly on the site.
  • – Offers a 1-800 number that can be called for 24/6 free confidential assistance with a gambling problem. The number can be reached by calling 1800-858-858. They also use technology in an interesting way to send subscribers SMS reminders to reinforce the promise regarding gambling that they make to themselves.

Offline Gambling Resources

Websites featured below are those that are related to offline gambling or that provide general information about gambling both applicable to offline gambling as well as online gambling.

  • (General Info) – This wikipedia article provides a great look into general gambling related topics in Australia. Here you’ll find information including Taxation laws on gambling in Australia and links to gambling regulators.
  • – Not specifically an Australian website but this page on Gambling Law US provides a great summary and overview of key aspects surrounding the gambling laws in Australia. If you’re looking for a quick overview this resource can be rather useful.
  • (Casinos in Australia) – Here you’ll find a listing of land based casinos in Australia organized in alp[alphabetical order.

Online Gambling Resources

The websites represented in the below listing are those that specifically deal with Australian related topics and provide players from Australia with online casino, pokies and other related details.

  • – This article features some interesting coverage regarding online gambling in Australia and is a web page organized and put forth by the Government of Australia. A worthwhile read if you have time and are interested in the laws, future of online gambling, etc…
  • – Because we don’t provide any information about Sports Betting here on the following guide that we like to visit for sports betting information for our own needs is Aus Sports a fantastic resource worthy of your time if you’re interested in sports betting info.
  • – This page featured on the worlds largest poker website provides some simple introductory information about online poker betting in Australia.