Blackjack Redeal Is A Challenging Online Casino Game

In online casino games once you make your move there is no turning back the clock. But in one recently released online blackjack variant this has been made possible, for a price. The game is from the leading online casino software provider Microgaming and is titled European Blackjack Redeal Gold Series. The player can redeal his hand, or the dealer’s hand or his last card, subject to certain conditions.

The basic game follows European Blackjack rules. The dealer’s second card is not dealt upfront and the dealer stands on all 17. The blackjack game is played with two decks. The Redeal Rules are more interesting. In the Redeal My Hand option all the cards dealt to the player are discarded and the player is dealt two new pocket cards. In the Redeal Last Card option only the player’s last card is dealt again. In the Redeal Dealer Hand option the dealer’s cards are dealt again. The redeal options are not always available. If the player busts then the dealer’s hand cannot be dealt again. However, the player can ask for his hand or his last card to be dealt again after he busts. If the player is dealt a blackjack or reaches a hand value of 21 there is no option to redeal, but none is required in such cases. No redeal options are available after a split or double down. Players can avail the redeal option up to a maximum of five times per hand.

The game play in Blackjack Redeal operates as follows. When the initial cards are dealt the option to redeal the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand becomes active. The costs of both redeal options are displayed. You will note that the cost of either redeal is less than the player’s ante wager. This is because the maximum that the player can win is an amount equal to the ante wager. When the player makes his first hit, the option to redeal his last card also becomes active. The redeal cost depends on how much of a disadvantage the player is facing at that time. Once the player has bust, the cost of redeal may exceed the ante bet. This is because at the ante bet becomes a sunk cost, which the player will lose if he does not redeal.

European Blackjack Redeal Gold Series is live at all Microgaming Australian online casinos. Casino Mate, Royal Vegas and Ruby Fortune are highly recommended.

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